Gilbert Family Christmas

Each year on December 23rd the Gilbert side of my family gets together to celebrate Christmas.  This is my maternal grandmother's side of the family and each year it is held at one of the daughter's homes.  This year it was held at my Aunt Darlene's house here in Hueytown.  There is always tons of fabulous food and funny stories.  There are so many memories to share and each year it seems like there is a new addition to the family.  It is always fun to hear Uncle Jim or Uncle Crazy as Delilah calls him!  He always has something funny to say about you or someone else.  I love getting together with all of my cousins and seeing their families.  This is really the only time of the year that we see each other and it is always special.  I am thankful for the special memories we are making together.

Such a good little mommy.

 The girls' hang out spot.

 The dirty santa game in full effect.
 Eleanor put her baby back in its package to go "nite nite".
 Watching the boys playing rough.  She is just not used to that.

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