Thanksgiving fun......

We had a busy and restful Thanksgiving holiday.  Yes, I know contradictory, right?  But it was a combination of both although there was more rest than busy-ness, luckily.  I was very excited about having an ENTIRE WEEK off of work!  Wahoo!  I love being a teacher! 

Ok back to what I was saying.

Holidays are always busy for families.  I'm sure you can relate.  There's the grocery shopping, then the cooking, then the packing and taking to your first, second, and sometimes third destinations. When you finally arrive at your destinations there is, at least for me, a sense of relief.  I made it.  The food made it.  Chris and Eleanor made it too.  Ok, holiday fun please begin....quickly I am now ready.

It is so sad to think that holidays are more burden than anything.  So I have tried to remind myself when I am having a stressful moment that the little moments are the ones that count.  So what if the sweet potato casserole wasn't as good as last year's.  So what if Eleanor's outfit got food on it within the first five minutes and no one will see her in her "thanksgiving outfit".  Why does it matter anyways?  It makes life more interesting right?

Ok, enough of that.  We did have a great Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for.
Now on to the cute Thanksgiving pictures....

Mom with Chef Eleanor.
 Allie Brooke Hinton
 Aunt Leslie with Brody and Allie.
 The kids' "stage"
 Checking out the tree.
 Checking out the sales.

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