Eleanor's first visit to the beach!

We vacationed in Panama City Beach, FL from Saturday, June 26th through Saturday, July 3rd.  This was Eleanor's first beach adventure and her first "real" traveling adventure.  Mommy made sure to pack plenty of DVD's for the 5 hour car ride.  She did fairly well in the car with a few fussy moments, but overall it was a pleasant ride.

We did, however; encounter a little problem when, while taking the backroads, we couldn't find anywhere to get lunch.  For almost two hours I fed Eleanor every snack I had brought along and I was beginning to think we would have to pull over to get some of the corn from the fields to feed my hungry little girl.  Eventually, we found a Subway and everything was fine.

Our first stop in Florida was to pick up Andy and Philly Bob at the new airport just a few miles from the beach.  (He had a good idea to fly!)  The airport was so new in fact, our GPS's (ours and Mark's) couldn't pick it up and we had to call a friend to find it for us on their computer.  Thanks Martin!  We finally made it to the beach and our condo at the Aqua Beach Resort.

At first, Eleanor was a little apprehensive about the sand and the water, but she eventually warmed up to it and loved playing on the beach.  She especially loved building a sandcastle with Daddy.

Some of my favorites....

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