Saddle Ridge Ranch...... Eleanor's First VBS Adventure

Our church's theme this year for VBS was Saddle Ridge Ranch- a country western theme taken from James 1:5.  Mommy helped teach the Kindergarteners and Eleanor moved up to the toddler class!  We both had a great week.  Working with kids is such a blessing!  They were cracking me up this week.  At the end of the week, the kids sang their songs and did a short drama.  They all did so great.  I was so proud of our group- they really had it down! 

Eleanor really enjoyed the music leaders coming into her class to do music with them.  She would clap and bounce as they sang and danced.  She loved it!  She also made some really cute crafts.  One of them is her handprint upside down and made to look like a horse.  It is so cute!  Of course I had to put it on the refrigerator.  This is her first artwork on our fridge!  It makes me so happy to see it there- some of you are thinking this is silly, how stupid to be excited over a piece of paper, but this is a big deal.  Just wait until you have a little one (and those of you who do know what I am talking about.)  When you are thinking about having kids or often when you are pregnant, you imagine all the fun things that will occur in your life once your child gets here and grows up.  This is something that I have imagined for years now and here it is on my fridge.  I love it!

Anyways, we both had a great time at VBS and can't wait until next year!

Don't be a Tu-u-u-u-umbleweed,
goin' anywhere the wi-i-i-ind may blow.
Plant yourself de-e-e-e-e-ep in the B-I-B-L-E.

Giddy Up Cowgirl!
Heel, toe, dosy doe.......

ready to "draw"

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