10 Month Update and Pictures

Yes, another month has passed and Eleanor is now 10 months old.  Time is passing so quickly!  But as each month passes I grow more and more in love with this little girl.

Eleanor's Ten Month Top Ten
  1. Eleanor still does not like the sippy cup.  I'm not sure she would even drink a chocolate milkshake from it.  I'm coming close to trying.
  2. Favorite activity- splashing toys in the toilet.
  3. Least favorite activity-having things taken from her.  Oh what a fit she can throw!
  4. Best Friend- Bella (our puppy dog).  She chases her all over the house cackling laughing.
  5. Favorite toy- a little baby doll whose face lights up and plays music given to her by Chris's Nanny.
  6. Favorite food- macaroni and cheese or sweet potato baby food. 
  7. Least Favorite food- any table food.
  8. Newest word- Bell (what we call Bella)
  9. Favorite game- chase. She loves to chase you and have you chase her.
  10. Newest discovery- plugs and outlets.  We have had to baby proof the house.
10 month pictures taken in Chris's mom's front yard under her Wisteria tree.

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