Eleanor's First Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday, March 28th, our church had it's annual Preschool Easter Egg Hunt.  There was face painting, Easter egg basket making, a big bouncy thing, and a huge Easter egg hunt.  Eleanor had a great time, of course.  She had a great time playing with the grass and chewing on the Easter eggs!  She found herself a little spot in the grass and starting picking up the Easter eggs in front of her.  Well she would chew on them awhile and then drop them.  It was so cute, she dropped them into the top of her overalls.  This happened with two or three eggs and if you look close in the pictures you can see them peaking out of her overalls.  It was hilarious to watch her keep dropping them.

This is supposed to be your happy face.

Eleanor...we're not hiding the eggs anymore....

Don't even think about it.......

Eleanor and her cousin, Brody.

My niece, Allie, getting her face painted.

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