Eleanor's Dedication

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 29th, Eleanor was dedicated in our church.  It could not have been more fitting for us to celebrate what we were thankful for- our precious baby girl.  We are so thankful for all that He has done for us by giving us this special gift.  He has blessed us in so many ways through this little girl.  She is such a blessing to everyone who meets her.  Our prayer is that God will have His hand on her throughout her life and that she will never turn from Him.

This was such a special time for us.  It is so important to us that Eleanor be raised in church.  Bro. Doug gave us a certificate and Eleanor a cute little pink bible.  We had been looking forward to this day, knowing that she would get her first bible.  She did so well on stage.  She was very attentive to Bro. Doug, taking in every word.  I couldn't help but just stare at her- I am just amazed that He is trusting me with this angel. I am so proud and thankful for my little family.  I couldn't be any happier!  We were also glad to have our families there: Nanny Wallace, Nanny Gilbert, Sybile, Jackie, Ron, and the boys, my mom and Billy, my dad and step sister, Cori, my brother and his girlfriend and my sister, her husband and daughter.  We missed you Uncle Andy!

I was so excited that Eleanor finally got to wear her dedication dress that I had picked out for her almost a year ago.  She looked adorable!  I was very happy that our DVD finally began working just before the service.  Hopefully I can download it to the blog if it isn't too big of a file.

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