Josh and Jackie's Wedding

On October 4th 2009 my cousin Josh Dill married Jackie Howard at Gabrella Manor.  It was a beautiful place and although it was pouring down rain, it was a lovely wedding.  Eleanor, Chris, and I stayed inside for the most part because of the rain and cold.  I didn't want baby girl to get sick.  I am so excited for not only Jackie and Josh, but his parents as well.  They are gaining a daughter and a grand daughter, Delilah, who is absolutely precious.  In one of the pictures below, Josh is dancing with his mom, Jackie is dancing with her granddad and Uncle David is dancing with Delilah.  Precious!  Congrats Josh and Jackie!  Love you!

  They make such a gorgeous couple.

 Their first dance.  Her dress and veil were gorgeous.

My "little" cousins, the "Beach boys", Alex, Jacob, and Wes.
 I love my little family!

Me and my nanny.

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