Eleanor's First Halloween Part 1( A trip to Maw-maw and Pop-pop's)

This year was Eleanor's first Halloween.  We had a lot of fun with her!  First, we stopped by and saw Maw-maw and Pop-pop.  They were in town for the Talladega race and wanted to see Eleanor in her Halloween costume.  They live in Mooresville, NC so we don't get to see them often.  I am so glad that they were here for Eleanor's first Halloween.  My cousin Ashley and her family as well as my sister and her family were also there.  Ashley's little boy, Eli (9 months), was dressed as Mickey Mouse and my niece, Allie (2 1/2), was dressed as Jesse from Toy Story 2.

Allie (Jesse from Toy Story 2), Eli (Mickey Mouse), and Eleanor the Bumble bee.

Eleanor getting some loving from Maw-maw.

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