Fun at Wind Creek

Chris and I took Eleanor on her first road trip to Wind Creek in Alexander City, AL.  She did great in the car despite being in her car seat for a couple of hours (which she hates!).  She practically slept the whole way.  She only let out a couple of little cries in her sleep.  Chris' parents and 3 other families from our church were camping there.  We all had a great time and Eleanor really had a blast.  Everyone wanted to play with her and hold her and just love on her all day.  She loved it!  I got some awesome pictures too.  We had a great time!

I took a nap.
I went for my first swim.

I played in the sand. 

I napped again.
I hung out with my Pop.
I went for a stroll. 
I had a picnic. 
   I took pictures with my mommy and daddy.

I hung out and watched the football games.

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