Sleeping Through the Night (July 27th, 2009)

Yeah, Eleanor slept through the night! Baby Girl took a bottle at 8pm and fell asleep around 9pm. She did not wake back up until 6:15am the next morning! I was so shocked. Up until this point the longest that she had been sleeping during the night was around 6 hours. A lot of people had told me that when this happened they would still wake up during the night to check on their baby. Not I. I slept through the night as well! I guess God knew we needed some rest and let us sleep that long too. Mommy and Daddy got some good sleep that night. Of course when we woke up in the morning we both looked at each other like- Woh! Is she ok?- and ran in to check on her. When she woke up she wasn't fussy either. She was just looking around playing with her hands, but boy was she hungry!

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