Leslie and Allie came over!

My sister, Leslie, and my niece, Allie, came over today to see us. Allie is 2 & 1/2. Allie is so funny with Eleanor. She always tries to make her laugh. She'll start playing peek-a-boo to get Eleanor to smile. Whenever I am on the phone with my sister, Allie always asks, "what Ed-a-nor doin' Ta?" She is so curious about her. Allie always gives her sweet hugs and kisses and tells her that she loves her. I can't wait until they get a little older. They are going to be inseparable I can already tell. I am sure they will be getting in trouble together too! I can't wait until they can run and play together. I'm sure they will be as close as me and Leslie are. Please keep Allie in your prayers. She goes for a checkup with her cardiologist next week.
I love you Aunt Leslie!
Best Buds and Cousins!
Two Little Rascals!
Sweet Hugs!
Oh, the trouble these two will get into one day!

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