Baby Recognition at Church

On August 23rd, our church recognized all of the Preschool children before the congregation. We had a large crowd. They lined the children up from youngest to oldest and introduced each child one by one. Eleanor was the second youngest child. She did so great and looked so adorable in her little pink dress with matching bonnet. I thought she was the sweetest thing with her little bonnet on. She didn't make a big fuss about it being on her head like I thought she would. I was nervous about bringing her in front of the whole church. I was just sure that she would either start crying uncontrollably or spit up everywhere. She did neither of course, but hey, with Baby Girl's temper you never can tell. Pop sat on the front row so he could get some good pictures of us. My parents were also there to see our little girl. Allie was also on stage with Aunt Leslie and Uncle Josh. Eleanor will be dedicated in our church sometime this fall. We have yet to decide on a date. We are so thankful for our little girl. She is such a blessing. We are very excited about seeing our little girl grow up in church.

Chris with Eleanor in the Nursery just before we lined up to go on stage.
Our precious little girl.
On stage at NHBC.
I love her little bonnet. She looks adorable!
Our Sweet Family.

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