Sleeping like a big girl

Chris and I had gone back and forth about whether or not Eleanor should move to her big girl crib in her own room. Ever since she came home from the hospital she has been sleeping in her bassinet, which she loves. But as she continued to grow we began to consider moving her to her own crib. This was very hard for me and the first night Eleanor slept in her crib I got up several times just to check on her. I could hardly sleep. Chris and I felt that it was important to move her to her crib before she got comfortable in the room with us. We want her to be an independent little lady and although putting her in the bed with us is (1) way more fun and (2) much easier for both of us, we knew that this was what she needed. It is so hard now, but it will be better in the long run.

Eleanor sleeping in her crib in her bedroom at 5 weeks and 5 days.

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