A Fun Day!

Today, July 20th 2009, we had a really fun day. Most mornings Eleanor gets up between 5 and 7 to eat and then she gets in the bed with mommy and we take a little nap. This morning she was bright eyed and wanted to play. After her bottle she laid on her back just kicking and throwing her arms and legs and just rambling on about something. She was telling me all about it that's for sure. She makes the sweetest little sounds. After we played in the bed for awhile we decided to play dress up and try out some new bows. When I first put on her headband she kept moving her head back and forth because she didn't like it, but eventually she warmed up to it and once I got the camera out she was a little ham. The girl loves a camera- and as you can tell- this camera loves her too! After dress up we played with her new Baby Einstein Activity center, which she loves. She loves looking in the little mirror at herself and playing with the little rattle. Her cute little grin tells the whole story.

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